Our commitment to quality standards and consistency means that all of our

berries are pre-picked. We do not offer U-pick. At the end of the season, we may

open the fields for gleaning. If you are interested in joining us, please sign up for

the end of season gleaning interest list Here:



The fresh berry season is weather dependent. You will need to check with us on availability, but we usually have berries by the first of July until the first or second week of August. We aim to always have frozen blueberries. Information about our blueberry products is on our Product Information page.

Certified Organic

by Oregon Tilth


Royal Blueberries is 100% certified organic under US Department of Agriculture regulations.



Royal Blue Organics


Royal Blueberries

Royal Blueberries is a family-owned organic farm located on Royal Avenue on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon. We grow 22 varieties of blueberries with more than 4,400 high-bush plants intensively cultivated on seven acres. Royal Blueberries ensures that you receive superb-tasting berries that are produced using approved USDA organic standards without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. You can be assured that the certified organic crop from Royal Blueberries provides your family a high quality product—some might say, the best in the area.

The first blueberry bushes were planted on the farm more than 50 years ago. In 1987, dad/uncle, dahinda meda, purchased the farm from its second owners to continue the commitment to organic, quality agriculture. In 2017, the younger generation, Brad, John, and Susan, and Indigo purchased the farm to keep it in the family to continue the important work of growing clean, healthy, and local foods. Together, the family and the family business, Royal Blue Organics, care for the farm operations. Royal Blue Organics also offers 100% organic, fair trade coffee called Café Mam.